What are arguments for and against medical testing on animals?



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    Proponents of animal testing cite the many scientific and medical advancements that have been achieved as a result of animal testing. The many opponents of animal testing point to the 100 million animals used every year that are mistreated and, in some cases, cruelly tortured. Such animals, before they die, are subject to a number of punishments for the sake of medical testing. They are poisoned, burned, and inflicted with disease. Their bones are broken and parts of their body surgically removed. Additionally, the many drugs that are tested on animals are often fatal to the animal but beneficial to humans, or vice versa. Animal testers claim to use animals for testing because animals “are so much like humans.” However, when asked their moral reasoning for participating in animal testing, their answer becomes “because animals are not so much like us.” The dilemma that presents itself, when deciding if you are for or against animal testing, is whether the benefits to humans outweigh the damages to animals.

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