What are aquaponic systems?



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    Aquaponic systems are systems which allow the cultivation of marine life without the buildup of effluence caused by the organisms waste products. Basically it is a system in which the marine life live in a tray, the water of which is pumped through a specially designed tray of plants that filter the water and remove the toxins and other nasty things before returning the clean water back to the cultivation tray. This is mostly done with fresh water but it is  possible to do with salt water. It is a relatively new procedure and as such is still in it’s “testing phase” in that the process has not yet been perfected in that the plant tray often needs to be cleaned or replaced if the plants often die if they are unable to break down the toxins in the water into the required nutrients for their peronal growth. This means that the plants basically live off the detritus of the fish whilst at the same time preventing the water from becoming too toxic to the fish.  It is basically a form of man made mutualism in that the plant receives nutrients in the form of the fish’s waste and the fish receives recycled clean water.

    Hope this helped and check out wikipedia for more info (more technical) 

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