What are anti biotic resistant super bugs?



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    Antibiotic resistant superbugs are bacteria that are resistant to a wide spectrum of antibiotics, making them very hard to cure once they have infected a person. They develop when a strain of bacteria has been exposed to a wide range of antibiotics. Most of the bacterial strains will die, but a select few will survive. By continually reproducing, mutating, and surviving exposure to antibiotics, the strongest among these bacteria will survive and become the dominant strain among their kind- able to survive most antibiotics.

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    Firstly, antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. Secondly, bacteria aren’t classified in the Animal Kingdom; therefore, they aren’t “bugs.” Lastly, yes, some bacteria can develop a resistance to antibiotics. A recent NPR story discussed an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea which they found in Japan. In addition, I’ve heard that sometimes here in the states they have trouble treating antibiotic-resistant bacterial STIs.

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