What are amoebas?



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    Amoebas are unicellular organisms that are found in places such as rotting vegetation, soil, and humans. Amoebas are transparent and have no definite shape. The life span of amoebas range between 45-100 hours.

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    Amoebas are single-celled eucharyotic organisms belonging to the Protozoa genus. Their bodies are composed mostly of cytoplasm that holds their organelles. Because it had no definite shape, it uses its continuously changing body shape to move and capture food. They reproduce through binary fission.

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    Amoebas are tiny creatures from the kingdom protista, which makes them really interesting critters evolutionarily speaking.  Kingdoms are the widest divisions between living things possible (for example, plants, fungi, and animals are some other kingdoms), and protista is the least-understood kingdom of them all.

    Although they’re very distantly related to us, their cells (well, cell; amoebas are single-celled animals)are of the same type as ours: eukaryotic, as opposed to prokaryotic.  Eukaryotic cells are more complex, have a nucleus, and miniature “organs.”  So even though an amoeba is just a single cell, it’s fairly complex:

     There are many different species of amoeba, but because they’re so tiny we’re almost positive there are thousands, if not millions more species to discover.  There are also many different types: some live in soil, freshwater, marine water, and some are parasites, infecting other animals and livingin their bodies.

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