What are all of the different o-zone layers in the atmosphere?



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      erincthomas, you appear to be using copyrighted images (and publishing them without giving a source).

      Sometimes an image owner will not mind, as long as they are cited. However even this is usually not the case.

      I can safely say this from years of editing Wikipedia and dealing with copyright issues. Contrary to popular Internet wisdom, relatively little of what’s published on the Internet is actually free for use, without restriction. The exception is items published before 1923.


      Nor is it necessary for an image to be labeled as copyright protected. By default, even without a notice, the owner has title, and you have no rights to it at all.

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      I cite sources for almost all of the things I use, even though I occasionally forget. Even when they aren’t cited, the picture links back to the original website. I don’t re-host them. In any case, I am clearly not claiming ownership of any images I use.

      When told how to answer questions, GreenAnswers encouraged me to use pictures and videos and did not mention copyright law. If I only used pictures and videos I had specific rights to, I would never be using pictures and videos.

      This is an educational website and I use almost exclusively educational pictures. As someone in the teaching field, I have never yet met any educational material whose creators would begrudge educational re-use.

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      Hi erincthomas,

      I understand your point of view. Please understand mine. I have been through this discussion maybe 30 times in Wikipedia. You do NOT — absolutely do NOT — have a right to somebody else’s intellectual property. You didn’t create it, they didn’t give you a right to use it.

      This has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether GreenAnswers sees itself as educational, non-profit, or anything else. Using someone else’s property without their permission is theft.

      Stealing. Theft. Intellectual property violation. You could be sued. This site could be sued. You MAY NOT take someone else’s property without written permission from the owner of that property.

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      Following up on a practice from many years at Wiki, I was still thinking about this.

      Apparently you have taken an image from the “State Climate Office of North Carolina”. They have a quite reasonable and flexible policy toward use of their material.

      But I doubt you read it, did you? Or even considered reading it? Here it is: http://www.nc-climate.ncsu.edu/services/charging.html

      There’s nothing here that indicates that you can just copy their stuff without notifying them. They do say that there will be no charge for requests. But you didn’t make a request. I.e., you assumed it was free to use however you choose, and that is obviously wrong.

      Again, I repeat, what GreenAnswers thinks is ok is irrelevant. They don’t own the property in question.

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    Ozone is actually extremely rare in our atmosphere. For every 10 million air molecules there are 3 molecules of ozone. However, despite its rarity, ozone is extremely important to the planet and its inhabitants. 

    Ozone is found in two regions of the Earth’s atmosphere. There is a layer 6 – 10 miles above the surface of the earth where 90% of the ozone on the planet can be found. It extends up to 30 miles above the Earth’s surface and is referred to as the ozone layer and the stratosphere. It is the primary shield for the earth against UV rays from the sun.

    The other layer of ozone referred to as the tropospheric ozone is lower to the ground between the Earth’s surface and the stratospheric ozone layer. It only has 10% of atmospheric ozone in it and can be toxic to humans and vegetation if the ozone builds up, which is known to happen recently in urban and rural areas. 

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