What are the advantages and disadvantages of biogas?



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    Pro: Biogas is a renewable fuel that is non-polluting. It can be used on a small-scale (such as a hog farm). Waste is disposed of at the same time and in the same operation. It also consumes methane that might leak into the atmosphere.

    Cons: Its limited as to the energy it could produce on a larger/global scale. There is little or no control on the rate of gas production, although the gas can, to some extent, be stored and used as required.

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    Additional benefits of biogas are listed on the Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center website. First, using biogas leads to increased energy security because it “offsets non-renewable resources” and “benefits local economies.” Second, it leads to fewer emissions. Third, biogas “reduces the cost of complying with EPA combustion requirements for landfill gas.” And fourth, it is good for the environment because it reduces landfill waste (and smell), encourages the production of nutrient-filled fertilizer, and is less land-intensive than aerobic composting methods.

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