What are acai berries?



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    Acai berries come from acai palm trees in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil. They are dark purple in color and are about the size of a grape. Though acai berries are commonly associated with weight loss, there aren’t enough facts gathered to support this claim. One thing for sure is that acai berries contain antioxidants that can protect us from free radicals and possibly some ailments such as heart diseases and cancer.

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    Acai berries are very popular in Brazil.  In cities like Rio de Janeiro, there are places at almost every corner to buy Acai bowls.  The bowls contain the pulp from the berries and some guarana syrup as sweetener, and usually some granola on top.  Acai is getting very popular now in the USA as well.  While the berries contain a lot of antioxidants, it is important that they are either frozen or freeze dried soon after harvest to maintain their anitoxidant value.

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