what are 50 reasons we need scientist?



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    Wow, 50 is way too many to name here, and there are many more than 50 to name.

    Scientists do research that:

    1 – helps cure disease

    2 – helps to understand biological functions

    3 – prolongs our life

    4 – explains things like gravity

    5 – helps to sustain the planet

    6 – developed solar technology

    7 – developed a method to harness nuclear energy

    8 – sent a man to the moon

    9 – developed the internet

    10 – And just because science is at the root of everything.

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    Science is used in every aspect of our lives.  From the frivolous things we enjoy such as sodas and television to the more important things such as helping the environment and being healthy, science is at the root of it all.

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