What are 5 possible ways to use electricity at lunch?



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    There are many ways to use electricity at lunch (and to save it). 

    1-Microwaving.  If you have something like a frozen meal, you could try storing it in the refrigerator compartment rather than the freezer and that will reduce the time it takes to microwave it.

    2-Vending machines.  Did you bring your own drink or do you use the vending machine to spit out a cold beverage?  Try using the water cooler at work or bring your own beverage.

    3-Your computer.  If you take lunch at your desk you likely want a break and use your computer for looking up headlines, gossip or shop on your lunch break.  You could shut your computer down during lunch and read the paper.  This will not only give you a break from work, but save some energy too.

    4-Lighting.  If you take your lunch outside you could save on the electricity costs for lighting your office or cubicle, and you will get some vitamin D as well.

    5-Talking on your cell phone.  While you don’t always think about this being a use of electricity it is when you need to recharge your phone.  However, I think this can be a good use of your lunch break, you do need a break and using it to make personal calls helps you be more productive during your normal working hours.

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