What are 5 environmental documentaries from this year that are both informative and entertaining?



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    Five truly amazing documentaries (this is coming from a personal opinion) are:

    1) Gasland (First Citation)

    2) Climate Refugees (First Citation)

    3) Born Sweet (First Citation)

    4) Dreamland (http://artthreat.net/2010/01/documentary-dreamland/)

    5) Harmony (http://www.glamoroustrash.com/2010/11/prince-charles-environmental.html)

    If you’re looking for other good documentary films from the past years, then check out the second citation.

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    1) Dirt! The Movie: would most definitely take the number one spot.

    2) The Cove, depicts the effect of overfishing and the need for stricter fishing regulations.

    3) Blue Gold: World Water Wars

    4) Food Matters considerable mention despite its 2008 release

    5) The Botany of Desire


    all recent, informative and entertaining documentaries

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    1. The Beautiful Truth

    2. No Impact Man

    3. Food, Inc.

    4. Blue Gold

    5. Everything’s Cool

    6. The Garden

    7. King Corn

    8. Man On Wire

    I gave you an extra three; No Impact Man is really good by what I have heard, so that is one to definitely check out.

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