What Are The 3 pieces of evidence that support continental drift



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    There are way, way more than three. Search greenanswers, or read your text book.

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    The distribution of fossils, animals, and glacial sediment are three major pieces of evidence, although continental drift/plate tectonic theory have expanded to the point where there is plenty of evidence. If you’re asking for just three, your textbook probably lays them out — go back with a highlighter or what not!

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    1) Fossil evidence: Fossils of one of the oldest known marine animals, Mesosaurus, have beenf found in both South America and South Africa.This has been explained through the theory of a land bridge that once connected Brazil to Africa.

    2) Plate Techtonics: Alfred Wegener was the first person to vocalize the theory of “Pangea,” that all continents once formed a single continent. In the late 1920s, Arthur Holmes elaborated on this theory by suggesting that the Earth’s mantle undergoes thermal convection, where a substance rises with heat and sinks as it cools, which may cause the continents to split and divide. More research on ocean floors and the discovery of the mid-atlantic ridge, led to another theory called “sea floor spreading.” Mid-oceanic ridges, geomagnetic anomolies, deep sea trenches, fault patterns, and island arcs are all proof of movement on the ocean floor. 

    3) When all of the continents are placed next to each other like puzzle pieces, they seem to fit together rather remarkably.

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    Plate tectonics is the main one. You should definitely read your textbook and read your professor’s powerpoints if he/she puts them up. I took an oceanography class last year and they clearly bulleted the main evidence for continental drift in their lectures. The textbook lays it out in a very simple and easy to read manner too.

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