What are the 10 rainiest counties in California?



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    Generally speaking in California, the farther up north you go, the more rain you will most likely experience. For example, Los Angeles is known for little to no rain as is San Diego, but Eureka gets loads of rain. The same works for the west coast states. Oregon has more rain than California, and Washington has more rain than Oregon.

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    I agree with the above poster’s answer. For instance, in Northern California (from July of 2010 through March 2011) the highest normal rainfall averages were 48.43 inches for Crescent City, 29.77 inches for Ukiah, and 27.77 inches for Eureka. Compare this with the highest rainfall normal rainfall average of Southern California – 12.81 inches for Santa Barbara (which is still higher than the central valley’s highest normal average – 10.19 for Stockton). Excepting unusual weather patterns (like the flooding in Southern California), the northern counties, especially the northern coastal counties, tend to have more rainfall.

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