What is the Anti-Scooter?



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    Based solely on rumors, the anti-scooter is in production by Brammo. It is a two wheeled electric vehicle, similar to the Enertia, that will allow for speed regulation settings that can be optimized for state laws. The project is being called “the anti scooter” internally by Brammo. Read the article below for more.

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    Brammo will launch electric-powered two-wheeled vehicle, dubbed “The Anti-Scooter” with a top-speed of 30 mph. The motorized bike includes restrictive software designed to impose speed restrictions in line with state regulations. This way, riders won’t be required to have a motorcycle license (or in some states, an easier to get M2 license) in order to be on the road. The Anti-Scooter is described as a Honda Ruckus inspired bike, sitting low to the ground as an electric alternative to the Vespa scooter.
    Check it these videos:

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