what animals sleep in the day and come out at night



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         Animals that come out at night are called nocturnal animals. There are too many to list all of them here but some of the best known are owls, bats, racoons and fireflies. Nocturnal animals generally have excellent senses of smell and hearing and specially adapted eyesight. In the desert, many animals evolved to be nocturnal in order to escape the heat of the day.

        Animals that come out during the day are referred to as diurnal animals.

    An owl sleeping during the day

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    I have attached a site of images and descriptions of various nocturnal animals. Hope this helps! 

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    there are a lot of desert animals that come out at dusk and wander around in the night! javelinas especially… they go after food and trash cans, have horrible eyesight and really good hearing.

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    snakes are owls are best known


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    Night-going animals are known as nocturnal animals. These are animals who usually hide during the day in burrows, nests, or caves to escape the heat of the day and natural predators. Most of these animals flourish at night also because it is easier to forage for food at night because they are more difficult to see by their predators. On the other hand, nocturnal predators have improved eyesight and other sense to find their prey in the dark. Such animals include owls, small rodents, and bats. There many animals that are nocturnal, and most are smaller reptiles, mammals, fish, and amphibians. 

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