What animals poop is the best fertilizer?



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    The answer depends on the use of the compost. Steer manure can be the most available and sometimes the cheapest, but keep in mind the quality of the stool before adding it to a compost; better diet in a cow leads to richer feces.
    Turkey and Chicken manure is usually higher in nitrogen levels, is easier to raise yourself and tends to smell less offensive.
    Remember, it is important that you never use fresh or “hot” manure- bacteria must start the decomposition process or the manure will burn the plant’s roots.
    BUT THE BEST? Worms. Worm castings, especially from the redworm variety, are high in nutrients like N P and K, but will not burn plants even fresh. Worms can be used in the composting area, or in the planters/rows themselves.

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    There a number of different animals whose manure would make suitable fertilizer. As already suggested, some manure contains more of a particular resource or may be better suited for a particular crop or soil type. The main consideration in animal fertilizer is that the animal is question should be a herbivore. Their manure contains all organic material that are necessary for plants to grow without wasting much energy, while carnivores need to consume a lot of energy to make the same waste since they are higher in the food web.

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