What animals in North America are the most effected by global warming?



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    In North America and throughout I think the most affected type of animals would be amphibians. Though a lot of the problem chytrid fungus outbreak, the fungus has been around for a long time and has just recently become a major factor, indicating that they may work hand-in-hand. So amphibians are losing a lot of their habitat due to less water, are more susceptible to a disease which they usually did not have to fear, and rising temperatures. “The Global Amphibian Assessment, published in 2004, found that nearly one-third of the world’s 6,000 or so species of frogs, toads and salamanders face extinction–a figure far greater than that for any other group of animals.” They are also at high risk because they have no hair or feathers, their eggs have no shells, and they must survive on both land and water.

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    One animal found in North America that is being affected by global warming is the America Pika. Some populations are believed to be regionally extinct, such as populations that use to be found in the Great Basin Mountains of Nevada and Oregon. They have adapted to living in an alpine climate, where they have very dense fur for insulation. Pikas can die if exposed to temperatures of 78 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. The USFWS is going to make a decision by February 1st, 2010 to decide if they should be listed as an endangered species.

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