What animals have the strongest immune system?



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    I haven’t found anything that gives a definitive list of animals with the strongest immune systems. However, scientists have found that sheep with stronger immune systems, while living longer, are less fertile than those with weaker immune systems and shorter lifespans.

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    The tardigrade can survive almost at absolute zero, and the cockroach can survive nuclear meltdowns — however, these animals have immune systems very different than ours. Alligators are cited as having very strong immune systems — vultures have powerful immune systems to match their diets. Strong is a very relative term, though — different animals have evolved to survive in different conditions, and their immune systems reflect that. We may perceive animals able to survive in extreme conditions or those unlivable for humans as having particularly strong immune systems, but that may not be fair. A more useful approach is looking at which animals have immune systems that have led to insights and medicines that benefit ours.

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    Different animals are adopted to survive in different conditions. Some animals have developed resistances to diseases that would severely harm other individuals. It would be difficult to quantify one individual species of animal as having the “strongest” immune system. Humans though may have the strongest ability to fight off diseases with out developed antibiotics and disease fighting technologies. 

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