What animals have the most advanced communication?



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    Scientists are still learning about how animals communicate, and how intelligent certain species are.  However, research thus far suggests that Great Apes, Whales, Dolphins, Elephants, Octopi, Pigs, and Cats & Dogs are some of the smartest animals on Earth – this also takes into account their advanced communication abilities, and also, whether or not they are self aware.  New evidence also points to dolphins being the second smartest mammal in the animal kingdom, next only to humans. 

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    “Prairie dogs have the most sophisticated animal language that has ever been found, even more complicated than that of monkeys, whales and dolphins.” Their language is comprised of many descriptive phrases, and they also possess the capacity to communicate about events or appearances without prior knowledge. Prairie dogs can actually report the size and shape of an individual predator.

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    There are also examples of animals that show signs of syntax in their communication, such as the Greater Spot-Nosed Monkey of Nigeria. You can read about this and other examples of animal communication in this interesting article: http://www.mathrubhumi.com/english/story.php?id=105666


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