What animals have gone extinct in the last five years?

I need this for biology so if you know, please help me.



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    • Western Black Rhino – 2006
    • Madeiran Large White – 2007
    • Saudi Gazelle – Declared extinct in 2008, though it had not been seen for decades.
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    Recently extinct species include the West African Black Rhino, the Golden and Holdrige’s Toads, and the Baiji dolphin, to name a few. As of 2008, one fifth of all the world’s mammals are in danger of extinction or becoming engandered. Aside from the animals we’re aware of, previously undiscovered species of animals, plants, and insects go extinct every day from deforestation of the rainforest. Hunting is usually to blame for extinctions in the past 200 or so years, but these days climate change and loss of habitat is the more common cause.

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