What animals have an cool mating call?



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    The male Lyrebird has one of the most amazing mating calls in nature. He’s a great mimic, so to impress a female he’ll imitate and combine the songs of all sorts of other birds that he’s heard! He’ll even incorporate other sounds that he’s heard, like buzzsaws in the forest. You can hear his song here:


    Also of note is the call of the Siamang, the largest gibbon in the world. It’s not a call to attract mates, but a duet between a mated pair. In the morning they climb to the tops of the trees and create a deafening duet (with help from their huge throat sacs).  In pairs that have been together for a long time, they’re so well-coordinated that it sounds like one animal is singing.  It’s a way for the couples to proclaim their territory and show off the strength of their bond at the same time.  Romantic!

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    Sarahtonin beat me to it! I strongly second the mating call of the Australian Lyrebird.

    (Bonus points because it’s David Attenborough narrating)

    In addition to the twice-mentioned Lyrebird, I would add the Western Screech owl‘s,


    just because I think it’s kind of strange sounding. For a list of five weird mating calls, check out the link below (my favourite was the penguin).

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    Shout out to frogs, but you probably thought of that one.

    The male Anna’s hummingbird has an unusual mating call, if you can call it a “call” because they don’t actually use their throat.  They start out flying high up in the sky, and then dive-bomb downward, lifting up sharply while splaying their tail feathers in a way that manipulates the wind.  Like playing one note on a clarinet it makes a short snapping sound, described as a beep or chirp.  It’s very odd, at first I thought it was an insect until I noticed the hummingbird continually swooping down above me. 

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    Blue whales have really interesting “songs” that travel for up to 70 miles to communicate with other whales, including to find a mate.

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