What animals have the best night vision?



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    According to the San Diego Zoo website, owls have the best night vision of all creatures. They have large eyes that thay can’t move. This is why they can turn their heads 270 degrees in any direction. Large eyes allow them to use all of the light available to see at night.

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    Owls have the best night vision. Nocturnal animals have far better night vision than those that are most active during the day. Larger eyes also absorb more light and owl’s eyes are so large that they cannot move them on their own but must move their entire head to follow movement.

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    Another animals with good night vision are cats (all kinds, Lions all the way down to your house cat), raccoons, possums, bats (which mainly use sonar), and even dogs. 

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    Nocturnal animals have the best night vision because it’s at night, in the dark, that these animals have to hunt for food and be able to survive. Some nocturnal animals include owls, coyotes, wolves, lions, cats, racoons, and oppossums.

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