What animals eat alligators?



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    The smaller an alligator is, the more vulnerable it is to all kinds of other animals such as raccoons, birds, turtles, snakes, larger predators and even other alligators. However, when an alligator reaches its full size and maturity, the tables turn and the alligator will generally be able to prey on most of its former hunters. In most cases it is generally just a matter of the size of the larger predator.

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    Alligators have a variety of different predators durig the different stages of their life, beginning with raccoons and otters when they’re in the egg stage, as well as turtles who may try to co-opt the nest for their own use. After they hatch, while the otters and raccoons remain dangerous, they now have to deal with snapping turtles, predatory birds like herons, snakes, predatory fish, and other alligators. Only about half survive, but as they grow olderthe number of predators decreases, until the only real predators are some snakes, and humans.

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    Don’t forget humans!  Alligator is served as an entree or an appetizer and restaurants. 

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    There are some species related to the alligator that are prey to other animals. One example, is the caiman of South America. The black caiman lives in South America and is one of the largest reptiles, often overlapping in size with the American Alligator. Both alligators and caimans are in the same alligatoridae family. The black caiman are often preyed upon by jaguars and even by anacondas. 

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