What animals does the ice melting affect besides the polar bear?



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    Harp seals and walrus are having a harder time surviving in the arctic. The seals make their habitats on glaciers, which are diminishing. Walrus rely on sea-ice floating close to land on which to haul out.

    In Antarctica, certain colonies of emperor penguins are threatened by elimination if sea ice melting continues at its current rate. Many other species of animals, and even plankton, are affected by the melting of sea ice and glaciers.

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    Seals are also affected by melting ice. Ribbon seals, bearded seals, ringed seals, spotted seals, harp seals, and hooded seals, which can all be found in the Arctic, are known as ice seals. They spend most of their lives either on or around sea ice. Ribbon seals are thought to be at greatest risk because they live on or around the outermost edges of ice. Walruses and fish are at risk as well.

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