What animals can see the best at night?



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    Everything about an owl’s body makes it the ideal bird for night living. They have the best night vision of any animal and their hearing is nearly as acute. Animals that are active at night usually have large eyes, which lets them make use of any available light. With owls, the eyes are so big that they can’t move in any direction. This means that an owl must move its entire head to follow the movement of prey, but it also gives it better focus with both eyes looking in the same direction. And even though it seems that an owl can twist its head completely around, most owls actually turn their heads no more than 270 degrees in either direction.

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    Animals that see better at night generally have wide pupils for capturing photos.  Various nocturnal animals have better nighttime vision due to their hunting habits.  These types of animals include bats and owls.  Cats are also known to have excellent nighttime vision as well. 

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