What animals can outlive humans?



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    There are quite a few animals out there that can outlive people. There is of course the Galapagos Turtle, which can live to be over 200 years old. Some species of clams, whales, and lizards have also been recorded to live for quite a while. My favorite animal in this catigory however is theTurritopis nutricula, which essentially is immortal. This is a type of jellyfish that after it becomes an adult, reverts back to a juvenile stage. After this, it grows back up again, and theoretically this process could go on forever, making this little guy immortal. 

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    Geoduck clams live for at least 150 years.
    The Bowhead Whale lives for 160 years.
    The Tuatara lives 100-200 years.
    Red Sea Urchins live 200 years.
    Galapagos Tortoises live over 200 years.
    Colpopphyllia natans (kind of coral) lives over 400 years.
    The Antarctic Sponge can live 1500 years.
    The Turritopsis nutricula (a tiny jellyfish) is almost immortal, passing back into the polyp stage once it reaches adulthood. See the link below for photos and more information.

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    Parrots are a relatively common animal that frequently outlive humans! Parrots kept as pets often outlive their owners because of their long lifespans. For example:

    Macaws can live to be over 100 old (general life expectancy is anywhere from 50 to over 100, with the average at about eighty).

    Amazon parrots can live to be over 75 years old, with the oldes recorded ageing in at 95 years old! The average life expectancy is around sixty.

    Ecletus parrots have an expected lifespan of 60 to 85 years, with the average at 75 years. The oldest recorded ecletus parrot lived to be 101 years old!

    African Grays can be as old as 90, with the average lifespan at somewhere over seventy years.

    Even your average cockatoo frequently hits over sixty, with the average lifespan clocking in at about 55 years old (so if you buy a cockatoo when you’re fifty, chances are good that your bird will sing at your funeral!).

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