What animals are the solar projects in California threatening?



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    One of the species that is threatened by projects in the Mojave Desert is the California desert tortoise.  These projects, if approved may also endanger many bat, bird, plant and reptile species.

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      why is it harming them? habitat destruction? chemical emission?

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      While this article does not say what would be harming the animal species, another one further down in the stream does express concern about bull dozing the land for placement of the panels. I think the main concern is bringing in heavy equipment (which would emit chemicals in exhaust) and even more importantly, disturbing the natural habitat. Many of the more endangered desert plants are in these areas, and conservationists are concerned it would harm the ecosystem. This is not however the same types of dangers of the wind turbines, where the eagles are actually being killed by the blades while they try to navigate their nesting/hunting grounds with new obstacles.

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