What animals are facing extinction

Why are they facing extinction?
What are we doing about it?



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    One reason organisms are becoming extinct is due to the increase in human populations and increase in consumption by these populations. The ecosystems that organisms depend on are being destroyed for food and raw materials to meet the needs of humans. One thing that is helping to reduce the number of extinctions is the endangered species act. Check out the link for more information. 

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    Some species nearing extinction are:

    1.  Javan Rhinoceros

    2.  Vaquita

    3.  Cross River Gorilla

    4.  Sumatran Tiger

    5.  Golden-Headed Langur

    6.  Black-Footed Ferret

    7.  Borneo Pygmy Elephant

    8.  Giant Panda

    9.  Polar Bear

    10.  Mekong Giant Catfish


    Some of the environments in which these species dwell are put under federal protection in order to prevent disruption and encourage breeding.


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