What animals are adapted for the best camouflage?



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    There is a pretty good list here: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/popup?id=4619650

    My favorites are leafy sea dragon, stonefish, and leaf insects.

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    In truth, most animals are adapted to blend into their surroundings as either a way to hide from a predator, or a way to attack prey. It’s part of the evolutionary process; not many animals can survive without be hidden in some respects.  Even Great White Sharks, killing machines as they are, are camoflagued to an extent. The top halves of their body is dark, so when animals look down from the top of the water the Shark blends in to the dark bottom, while the underbelly of Great Whites is white, so as to blend into the sky when animals look up to the top of the water.

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