What animals are able to change gender?



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    There are quite a few, like limpets, worms, sheephead fish, the rana rugosa frog, and types of shrimps, swordtails, guppies, mollusks. There are also certain species like parrotfish and anemone fish that can change gender at will. There are also animals that are hermaphrodites, that is, they have both sets of genitals, like snails or angler fish.

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    No big animals can do that. The only ones that actually change at will are only fish and little things like that, they also mostly live in the water! But they can all change at will, which is a sort of cool thing to be able to do!!

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    Clownfish can change their gender according to mating needs. All types of slugs can, and also, bees! Certain types of bees (drones and workers) can change their genders according to whatever roles most need to be filled in their hive.

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