What animal tells us the most about the current state of our oceans?



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    This is difficult to pinpoint one specific species, due to the vastness of the world’s oceans and the immensity of issues facing our oceans.  However one very telling species is Phytoplankton.  Phytoplankton is the basis of marine food chains, it is the building blocks for healthy ecosystems, and there are reports that their numbers have been declining by 1% each year due to warming ocean temperatures.  Phytoplankton is not only the building blocks of ocean food cycles, but also one of earth’s major photosynthesizers, removing massive levels of carbon dioxide from earth’s atmosphere, and producing nearly half of Earth’s oxygen.  Although 1% sounds like a small number, consider that warming has been occurring for over 40 years.  Therefore the prediction is that algal blooms, which produce phytoplankton has declined over 40% from it’s healthiest state.  It is clear now that the issue facing our oceans is not isolated solely to the ocean, it is a global issue that affects all living organisms.


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