What animal is at the most risk because of global warming?



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    Since global warming has a heavy impact on arctic regions I would expect to find the majority of affected species in the antarctic and polar regions.   Animals such as polar beers suffer from a lack of habitat.  The National Wildlife Federation seems to confirm my suspicion (second link pasted below) — noting loss of habitat, lack of food and other environmental factors as a cause for the endangerment of the polar beer.

    According to an article from 2004 (first link below), global warming may lead to the endangerment of over a quarter of land-based animals by 2050.

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    There are many animals that are seeing the effects of global warming already.  The golden toad (Bufo periglenes) and the harlequin frog (Atelopus varius) of Costa Rica have already disappeared as a direct result of global warming.  It is difficult to say what other animals are most at risk, but certainly animals whose natural habitat is icy are at a major risk.  Polar bears are already showing signs of losing weight because their natural ice habitat is breaking up 2 weeks earlier and robbing them of 2 weeks of hunting.

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