What animal has the most complex language?



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    I presume you mean non-human animals. Human animals have a pretty complex system of language, I’d say.

    Dolphins were considered to have the most complex language system of all the non-human animals in the world. However, their claim to this position is being contested by the burrowing prairie dog, a disappearing species native to the United States. These prairie dogs have sounds that may correspond to what we know as “words,” and they communicate in a very complex manner. Pretty cool to think about!

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    Interesting question.Bees use various dances and chemical signals to communicate where their fellow bees can find foo. I think I would have a hard time communicating precisely where food is simply through physical movement, let alone chemical signals–I dont think humans can conciously control hormone levels anyway.

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    Humans are considered to be the animal species with the most complex language! However, commonly, animals such as dolphins, chimps, and monkeys are believed to have the most complex languages. Now, an American professor believes that the animal with the most complex language, besides humans, is actually prairie dogs. A terrific site to get more detailed information about the specifics of prairie dog language is mnn–mother nature network. Here’s the full link: http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/pets-animals/stories/prairie-dogs-may-have-the-most-complex-language-in-the-animal-kingdom.

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