What animal has the largest teeth?



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    Elephants have the largest teeth of any animal in the world. The heaviest pair of teeth were tusks from an African Elephant shot in 1897 that weighed in at 465 pounds. African Elephants have the largest tusks as well as molars, which are about a foot long and weigh 10 pounds. Elephants also hold the record for biggest teeth of prehistoric animals. The Straight-tusked elephant had 5 meter long tusks and the Columbian Mammoth had tusks weighing 498 pounds.

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    Elephants have the largest teeth, their tusks are actually elongated incisors that grow throughout the life span of the animal. African elephants are larger than Asian elephants, and have the largest tusks. Elephants use their large tusks for many purposes such as; displays of dominance, moving objects, digging, and debarking trees.

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