What animal that has gone extinct do you remember the most?



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    The Golden Toad. It was last documented in 1988-1989, and I don’t so much remember this, but I remember discussion of the toad and seeing pictures of the toad and knowing that is was extinct when I was in elementary school in the early 1990s. It is a unique hue that is quite memorable.

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    Image: Hawaiian Crow

    The Hawaiian Crow became extinct in the wild in 2004. The last Hawaiian crows were found only in the Kona Forest Unit of the Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii. The IUCN database entry states: “The last two known wild individuals of this species disappeared in 2002, so the species is now classified as Extinct in the Wild.” Some individuals remain in captive breeding facilities and a reintroduction plan is being developed.The Hawaiian Crow is memorable because it was just so recently made extinct.

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    The Dodo bird!  I guess that’s because it’s universally associated with extinction by use of phrases such as “dead as a dodo,” etc.  It’s significant because its extinction occured during recorded human history–mid 17th century–and was one of the first recorded that could be directly blamed on humans.  Its history is actually kind of interesting, as it was isolated on one specific island, and evolved over time to adapt to that location.  Humans hunted the dodo because it was flightless and did not recognize humans as predators, and so were easy targets.  Read more about the dodo– its history, evolution, common misguided mythologies, and extinction– by following the link below.

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