What animal gets the most money for conservation?



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    According to the Scientific American, in 2007, the government spent the most money protecting the Chinook Salmon.  They spent roughly $165 million on the fish.  This incredible amount is probably due to the fact that the Chinook Salmon is listed on the Endangered Species List several times, because of its scarcity in several locations.

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    In addition to the Chinook Salmoon, the most money spent by the federal government on an individual species was for the Stellar Sea Lion. The Stellar Sea lion was delclared an endangered species in 1990 when their population fell by 80% in western Alaska. Approximately $53 million was spent in order to help protect the species, but the Stellar Sea Lion continues to decline today with only 22,000 left in the Northern Pacific.

    According to an article by the Earth Justice organization, the populations of these sea lions, which are the largest of their species, are still declining because they are not getting enough food. This is due to the extensive catching of the main food in their diet -polluck and mackeral.

    Visit this site to learn more about the Stellar Sea Lion species.

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