What animal do you think has been affected the most by our population growth?



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    Bees probably, but its difficult to distinguish the impact we’ve had on ecology, since a great many anials have adapted to our particular urban preferences. Raccoons, pigeons, rats, dogs, cats, and a dozen other small, intelligent animals have found lives in our cities, instead of woods and forests and prairies.

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    I would honestly have to say that there is no “most” unless your talking about the ones that are now ‘extinct’ or placed on the ‘endangered’ list. Plus it’s not just our population growth… It’s our population stupidity when we transport other animals into new environments, causing species to become majorly affected by this. Not to mention our overharvesting of resources, such as fish, trees, nonrenewable resources, etc.

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    It would depend on the area.  Many animals are driven from their habitat, but it’s based on the location.  Overall it would probably be larger animals that can’t adapt to other places as easily because of their size. Like, bears or mountain lions.

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