what animal digs up and eats snake eggs?

for the last wk, somethings been digging up parts of my yard. i finally just went out to see what the biggest mess was all about and found tons of (i think?) busted up snake egg shells. whatever’s doing this found them, dug them (and my lawn) up and then busted the eggs open and ate the insides!! i’m guessing they’re snake eggs ’cause they’re in front of my cabin where i know i have snakes living, under the slab. the eggs were buried about 1/2 way out in the yard though. the only thing i have living under me, that’s big enough to lay these eggs, is/are snakes. now i need to know what’s digging them all up, along with my front (and side) yard??



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    Armadillos and meerkats both dig up and eat eggs, and can also destroy lawns. Moles, gophers, muskrats, prarie dogs, shrews, voles, squirrels and chipmunks can all cause yard damage as well.

    However, some of these animals are only found in certain parts of the country. Where do you live? Your geographic surroundings determine what animals are causing the damage.

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      i’m in dead-center MI, and i’m guessing we don’t have all those critters up here?? best bet…skunks. i think i got a whiff of them the other a.m. while walking my dog.

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    This sounds like moles to me, and you are definitely within their range in Michigan. Skunks are a good bet too though!

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