What animal is able to sustain without water longer than a camel?



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    I would say that one of the best animal for this would be the kangaroo rat. They can go years without ever taking a drink. Their kidneys are incredible, able to extract as much water from their diet as possible and rid salts very well. They rely on metabolic energy from foods, only obtaining moisture through seeds and such. Camels can only go a couple of weeks without water.

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    One of the craziest animals in the world gets that title precisely because of how long it can go without water. It’s called a tardigrade, and is a little microscopic animal that looks like a gummy bear with claws. 

    Tardigrades live in damp, watery areas in shore-bound lichen or moss, so they actually need a great deal of water to thrive. BUT if their surrounding environment starts to dry up, the tardigrade undergoes something called anhydrobiosis, through which it uses a special sugar in its cells to simulate the missing water. At the same times, it enters an extreme hibernatory phase, dropping its metabolism down a rate of 0.01 (one hundredth of a point away from death).

    The little guys pop back to full operating capacity within a couple of hours of being exposed to water — even if they’ve been practicing anhydrobiosis for over 100 years!

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    A springbok antelope that lives in africa. They never have to drink in their whole life. They get all the water they need from the food that they eat.

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