What is an angiosperm?



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    An Angiosperm is simply the scientific name for a flowering plant. They acquire their name from the fact that they contain a seed within some sort of fruit. Flowers are the reproductive vessel of an angiosperm. This is where pollination takes place and allows the plants to reproduce. Many things around us are considered angiosperms including edible fruits and a vast majority of flowers and plants that grow around us. The process of these plants growing is quite similar to the human reproductive system as it involves sperm, eggs and energy consumption to grow. 

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    Angiosperm is a type of vegetation that contains seeds wrapped in the ovule. They are also called hardwoods and most of them have leaves that change color and die once a year. This also includes flowers like roses, magnolias, as well as deciduous trees. Angiosperm differ from gymnosperms in that gymnosperms have seeds that are not contained within an ovule. 

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