What is the Amphibious Container project proposed by Richard Moreta?



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    The Amphibious Container project is an innovative style of home design that is both flood-proof and eco-friendly. Designed by Richard Moreta, and promoted through Green Container International Aid, homes with this structure are fitted to become adequately buoyant in times of high-rising water catastrophe. The flotation is generated by an amalgam of wooden pallets, recycled construction materials, used inner tubes from truck tires and scraps from homes previously destroyed during floods. The homes are sturdy, modular (to mitigate shipping problems and costs) and inexpensive compared to other styles of furnished housing. 

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    Richard Moreta is an architect who has designed a home that will float during floods.  This is mainly in response to climate change and the noticeable rise in sea level in places like New Orleans and other low lying parts of the world.  These amphibious homes would be made from recycled materials and would be essential as emergency shelter during floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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