What is America doing to protect their water from pollution?



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    There is lots of legislation in place to protect American bodies of water from pollution–the question lies in the relative strengths of these laws and their ability to actually give some protection. The Clean Water Act would be the biggest piece of federal legislation that is designed to protect our water from pollution, but it is estimated that the Act has been violated over 500,000 times nationwide. Local agencies need to become more active in defending water supplies from big polluters, and citizen groups have been playing a larger role in recent times as well. 1 in 10 Americans are exposed to drinking water that is considered dangerous–water pollution is a very big problem. And this is only the anthropocentric side of things! We can only imagine the effects that water pollution has had on organisms much more sensitive to water pollution and less hardy than human beings…

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    The Clean Water Act has been responsible for protecting our water from sewage and oil spills since 1972.  The Clean Water Act is in jeopardy; the Environmental Protection Agency has been pressured by industries to drop hundreds of enforcement cases battling over bodies of water.  Organizations such as the Sierra Club, founded in 1892, are taking action to keep sources of drinking water clean.  The Grass Roots Source Water Protection Program is involved in community outreach and education to help landowners and farmers protect water supplies: http://www.cooperativeconservationamerica.org/viewproject.asp?pid=262

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    On a more local level, there are many groups and organizations dedicated to keeping our lakes and rivers clean.  I am from Ohio so I live right on lake Erie and there are many groups around that want to preserve the lake.  Heres a link to one of the sites. 

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