What is the Always on Green Event in San Francisco?



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    AlwaysOn is an organization that partners with leading private businesses around the world that are making green efforts. AlwaysOn organizes the GoingGreen event, which is an opportunity for companies to display their environmentally friendly technologies, achievements, and goals while networking with others. The event also grants awards to especially outstanding companies.

    There are different categories recognized: biotech, biofuel, and agriculture; water technology and treatment; data center efficiency; energy management, smart grid, and energy efficiency; clean energy; green automobiles and transportation; energy storage systems; resource recovery and waste management; green materials and green building; and solar energy; 

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    Though there are various events that run through the AlwaysOn media business, San Francisco is home to the GoingGreen event, where greentech CEOs meet other companies, firms, and members of blogging communities that have environmentally-friendly ideas for green technology. During the two-day event, green technologies and entrepreneurial opportunities are presented and debated. With these initiatives, there is hope to create a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment for everyone and everything on Earth.

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