What is the aloe vera plant good for?



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    The most popular use is to help alleviate the symptoms of sunburn. Aloe is used to help keep skin healthy and moist, which in turn makes for better healing. In addition, it contains Lignins, an integral part of cell walls so that skin heals faster. Aloe also contains a cooling agent, salicylic acid, which helps sooth the pain of sunburns.

    However, there are so many more uses that can be found here:



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    The gel of the plant has been used for treatment of minor wounds and burns and skin irritations. Check out the link for more information.  

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    You can also drink it as a juice or a tea.  The tea form comes as a gel, 100% natural, and you just add water. It has a sweet taste but a texture you’d have to get used to, unless you like weird textures.  It’s traditional in Korea, and can be helpful for digestion.

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