What is Algae fuel?



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    Algae fuel is a possible alternative to fossil fuels. This fuel utilizes algae as a source of natural deposits. Bio-fuels made from algae will not reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. Any CO2 removed will be replaced. Due to the rising prices of oil and the world food crisis, more and more companies are looking into the production of Algae as a serious fuel source. 

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    See these previous answers for more information on algae biofuel.

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    This technology is still very young. Although 100 companies in the US and internationally are working to develop a working strategy to grow algae for fuel, much more costly research and development is needed. The US Department of Energy has funded one 300-acre demonstration project in New Mexico, and the US Department of Defense has fast tracked multiple projects. 

    What is known so far is that algae require four key resources for optimal growth: suitable climate, flat land, water and carbon dioxide. At present, there are plans for four algae pond biofuel production centers in the California Imperial Valley. This will be a very costly endeavor, and scientists are not speculating that algae will be either “quick nor plentiful.”

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