What age group has the most respect for the environment?



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    Actually, all age groups now are had a equal increase in environmental awareness and respect for our environment, this is due to increased education and awareness of global issues.

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    I believe that younger generations have more respect and concern for environmental issues than previous generations because they are seeing theenvironmental degradation happen in real time. The glaciers are melting, polar bears are dying, and ecosystems globally are threatened. Thus, I’m not saying that a lot of older generations don’t care, I just believe that it means a lot more to younger generations as it is now our responsibility and it is within our control as to which direction our planet goes in.

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    I agree that younger generations not only have more an an interest, but a far greater concern. They will be the ones who have to deal with the problem much more than others.  While problems are starting now, they will only become more numerous and intense as years go by, and it will be the younger generations, and those that follow that will inherit the problem and need to make a difference.

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