What age group do you think is the greenest?



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    Many young professionals in their late 20s-early 30s tend to be conscious of the environment. That generation grew up during the Exxon oil spill, threats from acid rain, wildlife extinction, air and water pollution, etc. – and now, of course, global warming and an impending energy crisis. Whereas lots of younger people like college students also take an interest in the environment, folks who are a bit older and more well-established are in a better position to make an impact through their purchasing decisions; they are more often the ones buying cars and settling into new homes.

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    It’s a difficult question to answer. According to research, people between the ages of 18-24 have the most green awareness of anyone. However, they also tend to waste the most energy and water of any age group. Another study found men and women ages 55 and up to be most likely to buy green products.

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