What African cat is the Mountain Lion most closely related too?



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    The mountain lion (or puma, or cougar) is a member of the animal family Felidae. This family contains many African “great cats”, including the African lion and leopard.

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    Despite the mountain lion’s large and bulky characteristics, the mountain lion is more related to smaller felines. The mountain lion is considered the largest of the small cats and are more related to smaller African cats such as the cheetah and the caracal. While both lions and cougars are in the same felidae family. The lion belongs to the subfamily “Pantherinae” where the majority of the larger cats lie, while the mountain lion and cheetah belong in the same “felinae” subfamily. A big distinction between the two subfamilies is that mountain lions cannot roar like their lion and tiger relatives. Mountain lions have sound similar to that of a purr of domestic cats. 

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