What affects soil ph (naturally, not what I can add)

I found a few very scientific explanations, but would like a more “plain english” explanation that helps me understand why my ph is what it is and why it’s different throughout my yard.




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    I’ve done a bit of research and applied my knowledge of chemistry to the question. From what I gathered, pH of the soil is determined by the rocks out of which it was made. Therefore, if the soil originated from the basic rock limestone, it should be basic, that is, the opposite of acidic. Large amounts of rain, which is essentially H20, increase in the soil the H+ ion, which causes acidity. Therefore, areas with high rainfall have more acidic soil. In addition, rainfall doesn’t evenly get through the soil and thus the pH should vary. I hope this helped!

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    If what you mean is what influences soil pH,the origin of rocks underlying the soil is a factor. If the rock is acidic type, the soil wil be acidic and vice versa.
    Another factor is rainfall. High rainfall tend to make soil acidic.
    These are natural.

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