What affects does watching TV have on the environment?



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    TV uses electricity like most other household appliances and therefore contribute to environmental damage through whatever wastes your electric company puts out. Most likely CO2 and other gases. Depending on size and type, most tv’s use between 80-400 watts. Compare that to 500-1440 watts for a window air conditioner or 25-100 watts for a single lightbulb. Overall televisions use relatively little electricity, but they are a luxury, and therefore not essential for day to day living.

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    There are good and bad aspects on the planet where TV viewing is concerned. First, there is the waste of energy. Generally the electricity for TV’s comes from the burning of coal, our dirtiest source of energy.

    However, there is an absolute plethora of programming out there designed to educate people about the necessity of environmentalism. This, in time, may help to overcome all of the burnt coal that has gone into the atmosphere so that we can find out if ‘America’s truly got talent.’

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