What affect does smoking have on the environment?



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    Cigarettes typically contain a variation of over 4000 chemicals. These chemicals or the gases they create are released into the atmosphere though cigarette smoke. In addition to this air pollution, cigarettes can affect our water system, due to carelessness. When someone drops their cigarette onto the street or sidewalk, it has to go somewhere, usually down the storm drain. 

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    Cigarette smoking causes various types of pollution: air, land, and water, to name a few. Although the pollution caused from smoking is detrimental enough to the environment, the production of cigarettes is actually what causes the worst impact on the environment.

    The tobacco plant is more vulnerable to pests, so many more chemicals and pesticides are needed to be sprayed on it than would with another form of crop. Pesticides are dangerous to human health.

    Many trees are required to package cigarettes also. 4 miles of paper are used every hour to roll cigarettes and create packaging for them. One tree is wasted for every 300 cigarettes made.

    Water and energy is used to make cigarettes as well, which is much needed elsewhere. All the chemical wastes produced in the process of cigarette making goes straight to the soil, contaminating it.

    Although more advanced technology could make the cigarette a more environmentally safe product, it is much cheaper for cigarette companies to keep this current one. The only way to really change the way cigarettes affect the environment is for more people to stop smoking them.

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